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Moo Juice Express was founded in 2002 as a side business dedicated to transporting milk to and from their sister company "Swissland Cheese" in Berne, IN.

Our mission for our clients: We believe in putting the quality of our workmanship first and pride ourselves on our time consistent pickup and delivery.

Our mission for our employees: We also believe in treating our employees like family. We want to provide an honest and fair wage while supporting our employees in reaching their full potential in the workforce. We want our company to feel like more than just a job, but a career, and a family working toward the same goals.

Our mission for our community: We strive to continue to create jobs for our community and utilize our resources to support local growing businesses and community members to create a more promising future for the next generation.

Our mission for the world: Moo Juice Express is dedicated to employing drivers who are committed to being safe on the road. We believe in making the world a better place by portraying respect to all whom we meet along the way. We expect and demand integrity from all those affiliated with Moo Juice Express, Inc.

      A Family First Company Since 2002

Our Team

  • Kirk Johnson

  • Mary Johnson

  • Brady Johnson

  • Holly Johnson

    HR Generalist/Media Administrator
  • Keegan Dailey

    Route Coordinator/Dispatcher
  • Seth Huber

    Lead Mechanic
  • Peggy Ramseyer

    Accountant/Safety Director

Pictured is Charlie Johnson, Kirk’s father, who worked at the dairy as a milk hauler and refrigeration specialist.

Pictured are Brady Johnson with his father, Kirk Johnson, and his three sons, 2017.

Though Riggin Dairy is no longer in service, one barn still stands in on its location, where they hold the annual “Riggin Brick Barnfest.”

Pictured above is a Moo Juice Express truck.

The logo of Moo Juice Express proudly displayed on the back of one of the tanker trailers.

Pictured is another Moo Juice Express Truck ready to depart.

A young generation ready to take on the Moo Juice Express name.

Pictured are Brady Johnson with his father and family.

Pictured are Tyler Aker (Mechanic), Brady Johnson (Owner), Seth Huber (Lead Mechanic), Kirk Johnson (Owner), and Brady's three sons..

A Moo Juice Express truck and tanker departing for the open road.

The Moo Juice Express logo proudly displayed on one of our truck doors.